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How to spot fake survey sites and avoid survey scams

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You are promised free gift cards or free products for doing absolutely nothing.

You can get a free gift like a gift card if you fill out or answer a survey. Especially if you evaluate such a product (sample) on the official survey site, there is a possibility that you can get the product for free as well. But you can’t get paid for doing nothing!

The survey site is asking for your bank account info

Don’t ever try to provide your bank account details into the survey site that you want to register. A legit survey site doesn't need it, not even to pay you! Normally a legit survey will pay you or give the cash through your Paypal account only.

The survey website charges you a fee to sign up

Another tip to discover a fake survey site is that they require you to pay a certain amount of money to join the site. Well, actually registering on a survey site must be free, and you shouldn't pay to take a survey; instead, they should pay you! Survey sites may have other activities that require a fee on their site, such as shopping or buying gift cards. Yet take or register for the surveys is free!

The reviews look too good to be true

Usually, a survey site provides a review page for its users; either it's a trusted site or a fake site. However, you can't believe these reviews completely! Read and peruse the contents of these reviews. For example, a man who testified that he now has financial freedom? Or perhaps a woman who says how happy she is that she can make $200 per hour just by filling out the surveys. It sounds ridiculous and too good to be true! Yet, you can make a comparison to the trusted survey sites like Survey Junkie and LifePoints, where the members write about how happy they are to get $50 to $100 as extra cash for Christmas gifts, which sounds a lot more reasonable, right?

The survey site does not have functional customer support

Fake survey sites often say they provide excellent customer support and may display a picture of their agent wearing a headset on their site. The fake site will display a chat support icon or provide a toll-free number. But, what will happen if you try to call that number? Or when you try to connect with their customer service agent? This is where fake websites will be detected! An authentic survey site has official customer support that you can use and connect directly with their customer service (a human and not a robotic system).

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All about paid online surveys

If you google for Online Paid Survey, the search result might come up with a Market Research term. Market Research itself sounds too heavy, technical, and professional. Simply, in business, the company needs feedback from consumers to value their product. It could be for evaluation or improvement, and so governments and organizations. For that, they need to do market research by doing a survey. As technology is more advanced, now these companies, organizations, etc., also migrated from doing an traditional paper based surveys to digital surveys that are dominating the consumer research landscape today. Consumers who signed-up for panels (aka panelists) will only need the internet and smartphone or PC to give their opinion towards products or services.
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How to maximise your earnings from online surveys

The rewards amount of each survey might not be that high, but make sure you follow the following tips to maximize your earnings. First, never sign up with a fake email. This is essential as the panel will contact you by email. A fake email address means that you will miss your online survey invitations, and you won't earn money. Because every email sent to an unexisting email address will be bounced back and never be delivered to you. If you provided a correct email address, but you still don't get survey invitations to check your SPAM folder.
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