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How to make the most money from survey sites

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Sign up to them all

By joining as many paid survey sites as possible, it will increase your chances of earning more money. You'll always have a survey to answer rather than waiting for a survey or two that may only show up in a month. You can always unsubscribe to those survey sites if you do not like their services.

Set up an alias email

Actually, you don't have to do this. However, it's a good idea to set up a separate email for all survey site accounts you have registered. It can help you to be able to log in every day easily and see the surveys offered by these survey sites (without spamming your personal inbox). Moreover, you also need to check your email regularly since some survey sites are only open for a day and sometimes even less than a day.

Be honest

You can get penalized for not giving inadequate or self-contradictory responses on some survey sites, so try to fill out those surveys honestly that present your personal opinion. Besides, never fool the survey system into saying that you are an entrepreneur just to fill out more surveys on these sites.

Watch out for scams and fake survey sites

Generally, something extravagant sounds too good to be true, right? You have to remember that there is no guarantee that you will be the one who receives a product testing item from that site because they will select their users randomly. If a survey site promises things like giving away free products, if you fill out their survey, you need to be careful and vigilant about it. Just imagine there are more than 1000 users who register to that survey site. Do you think they can give 1000 free TVs for free as a testing product? Of course, it doesn't make sense!

Cash in when you reach the limit

If you want to collect big points and aim to get one of the biggest prizes from the survey site, which takes a lot of time and effort, it is best to take the cash and reward of your participation earlier. Also, be aware that some survey sites will have restrictions on when you will earn and use points and how long they will be valid for collecting and using those points.

Don't ever pay to join

All paid survey sites should be free to register and use. You shouldn't get caught up in paying for a subscription to an online survey website for whatever reason they promise. The survey sites listed on our page have been tried and tested for their authenticity. If you are already a member of one of these survey sites or other survey sites that are not listed, please let us know what you think about them!

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How to work as Product Tester

Product testing is a job that many people may have done. Still, only a few people have actually investigated and discovered the product's real flaws. You will be asked to review or predict a product before it is officially launched on the market. As long as you research the product properly, honestly, and unbiasedly, the feedback you provide will help the company produce it. You also can get the product for free or be given additional prizes for your review.
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A guide for beginners

How do you get paid for doing surveys? Paid survey sites have many ways of rewarding their participants who fill out their website surveys. The prizes given are quite attractive, such as gift cards, e-vouchers, shopping vouchers from popular stores and popular brands. The most common rewards given are usually in the form of a Paypal balance as a cash prize that is easy to transfer. Paypal is an e-money platform that does not require registration fees or subscription fees to use it. Paypal is also easily accessible and very safe to use. Are paid surveys legit? Paid surveys are often cited as one way to get a few extra bucks quickly. But paid surveys are a legitimate way to make money - or are they scams?
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